Fashion after covid

Arising starting and blossoming again. Like butterflies we peep out from the chrysalis to peek at the outside world. 2020 and 2021 years remain for all the “COVID period”. The luxury sector, and particularly the clothing one, have been hardly hit by the pandemic effects. The sudden drop of the sales, the long-term closure of shops and ateliers, the blocking of scheduled events, the tourism decrease, have pushed the fashion sector to look over many of the paradigms which it relies on.
The fashion market, essentially whithout constraints or borders came face to face with stringent limitations, prohibitions and anti-contagion regulation during the pandemic months. Health comes first, its clear! And its clear that the sacrifice made in these two years will avail to avoid other restrictions in the future (hopefully), but we feel a great desire to start working again, to meet up again and to show again.

Dedo Natis Team did not let it down, we decided to react with the spirit and proactivity that distinguish a young company like ours. We conceive life as a seesaw, made of light moments and shadows ones: now we fly and now we touch the ground, but precisely in the worst moments we give ourselves the push to fly again, and to do it with more enthusiasm, more love, more devotion. We focused on the future, finding new ideas, and new meanings, working with materials, colors, shapes; we designed a stylistically richer and more defined collection and we invested to give ourselves a beautiful space, where clothes can come to life and be shown the public.

We are ready, with a great desire to be there, passion, resourcefulness, positivity and a lot of love for our work. Follow us to discover the news we have in store for 2022! We are sure it’ll be the year of the turning, renewal and rebirth for our trade.