Fall Winter 20-21 collection

With the Fall Winter 2020 collection Dedo-Natis propels its niche across sophisticated shirt designs. The design is inspired by the imagery of a contemporary boudoir, distinguished by alluringly refined blouses and fabrics blending into lace dresses and floral embroidery. Thread, weaving and layering are the key words of a narrative that focuses on material and plastic research. The frayed nature of each suits gracefully dialogues with the raised stem on each silk blouse, and embroidered multi-coloured seethrough voile across different stylish variations of a truly unique attire. Last, but certainly not least, the houndstooth curled in viscose tastfully transitions into collegiate-style dress shirts. All embroidered elements embellishing collars and cuffs are combined with tailored cotton blouses borrowed from men’s shirt designs. Pleats, laces and eyelets represent indistinguishable features of the brand which are also found in this collection. These elements allow for great versatility and customization of such garments, including the robe-manteau and the orange blouse; both of which can be tightened at the waist. The brand’s chromatic stylized approach ranges across a wide array of purely autumnal tones of acid green, denim blue and burgundy, with ultra-charged and feminine hints of pink and orange.